Scientific Journal of India <p>"SJI Journal" distributes and release high quality journals for the dissemination of relevant learning for these subjects. This jointly organizes, gatherings and workshops throughout the world. This Plateform would unite those driving specialists, analysts and researchers within the area of enthusiasm from different parts of the globe. Scientific Journal of India assign mandatory DOI to all the published article and Journal DOI: <a href="">10.21276/24565644</a></p> SJI International Journal en-US Scientific Journal of India 2456-5644 IMPROVE THE EFFICIENCY OF INTERCLOUD LOAD BALANCING USING DIRECTED ACYCLIC GRAPH FOR VERTICAL SCALING <p>Scaling of resource in IT infrastructure is major issue, due to live tracking of load on internet traffic. The&nbsp;&nbsp; process of scaling of resource creates the concept of elastic load balancing in cloud computing. The elastic load balancing proceeds the task of intercloud load balancing. The intercloud load balancing methods improve the efficiency of dedicated cloud network and reduces the traffic load of user for the process of user provisioning. The proposed algorithms work in fashion of coupling of virtual machine. The coupling of virtual machine reduces the traffic density of service during the multi-platform resource sharing. The proposed algorithm simulated in Cloud simulator. The cloud simulator encapsulates with the algorithm of intercloud load balancing and DAG trigging process. The measurement of performance used the load of data in terms of processing times and data center. The variation of load and traffic increase the performance of proposed algorithm for allocation of resource. The efficiency of cloud network increase to 5-10%.</p> Rahul Kumar Jain Y.P. Singh Shailly Sharma Copyright (c) 2020 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY). 2020-07-08 2020-07-08 5 1 76 81 10.21276/24565644/2020.v5.i1.25